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The wonderful thing about latex is that it highlights as much as it hides and reveals as much as it conceals. There’s something intense about knowing that the small bulge I can see in the latex isn’t just a hard nipple it’s also a nipple ring that I can’t see yet. It makes me want to continue on because I want to see if Lydia Ivy West will continue to tease wearing her gray latex dress in this Rubberdollies set or if she’ll please and show a little bit of the lithe body hidden under the latex. She most certainly doesn’t disappoint, that’s for sure.

Canopy beds normally bring to mind thoughts of innocent little girls tucked in with their dolls for sweet dreams. Well, there’s nothing innocent at all about this canopy bed set on GothicSluts from the sweet and sexy Azrielle. Her lace-trimmed outfit brings to mind the Wild West where men were men and saloon girls entertained on the wild frontier. There’s something almost dark in her expression as she holds an antique looking doll to her chest making me sigh in wistful envy at what a lucky doll it is to be pressed against her lovely breasts.

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