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I’ve been a yoga freak for a few years now and while I’ll never be a master, it is something that I enjoy on a fairly regular basis. I also enjoy seeing other things that remind me of yoga and that’s what made me enjoy this BarelyEvil set so much. The lovely Voltaire on and around a chair with a grace worthy of any yogi and hotness that the best of dancers would envy. I was on the edge of my seat to see what would come next. Would she take off part of her already little outfit or would she contort herself into another graceful pose?

Oh wow! This GothicSluts set made me sweat and giggle all at the same time and that is quite the accomplishment. There is something about this lovely mistress holding a crop in one hand and a puppet in the other that makes me wonder what other creative tricks she has up her sleeves or in this case hidden in her corset since there are no sleeves on her outfit. The further into the set I go though the more I wonder if the adorable pink puppet is a diabolical plot to inspire laughter deserving of punishment, giving her an excuse to use that crop she holds so confidently.

There’s something about public and semi public photo sets that really turn me on and this Justine Joli set on BarelyEvil is no exception to the rule. There’s just something about the air of danger created in a shot in public set that turns up the heat another notch. If they called security, what would happen if they showed up while she was squatted down with her shirt up showing gorgeous breasts and her pants down around her knees? Would they cuff her? Mmm yummy, now there’s a thought Justine Joli in handcuffs, maybe if I ask really nice BarelyEvil will indulge my new fantasy with another set.

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