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In this RubberDollies set, Xochitl shows off a tight red latex skirt, matching wristbands and collar, red fishnet stockings, high heels and her gorgeous tats.

Xochitl Red Latex

In this deliciously sexy Gothic Sluts set shot at San Diego’s Comicon, Flame-haired Justine Joli shamelessly displays that she is 1) perky, 2) nerdy, 3) amazingly flexible, and 4) drop-dead gorgeous. Corset fans just may soil themselves over the magnificent green and gold Fallen Angel design my favorite redhead’s wearing in this one.

San Diegan Scar13, it turns out, lives about five blocks from goth dominatrix Isabella Valentine, who shoots some fine photographs of the gorgeous goth slut as she gets worked up on wine and takes off all her clothes. Have to love a high heeled punk slut with red wine and handcuffs. Could there be a pair more perfect for each other?

Scar 13 Isabella Valentine

You know that deathrock girl you follow around the club, never sure if you want to be her or do her? That’s Stephanie Slaughter, dangerous dame of my dreams and yours in this perfect BarelyEvil series.

Stephy Slaughter

Naked Xochitl rides a gorgeous art bike covered with feathers and a silver skull in this moody Gothic Sluts set. Xochitl could ride this feathered art bike all the way to heaven.

When my thoughts stray, as they often do, to all the naughtiest things that inked, pierced and pervy goth chicks could do in my general vicinity, drinking blood from a silver chalice is certainly high on the list. But if you check out this amazing GothicSluts set, you’ll see what bad, bad, bad girl Stephanie Slaughter does when the blood really gets flowing. It is so far beyond naughty that she deserves the kind of a spanking that only a porn writer can give, if you get my drift.

Stephy Slaughter Blood

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For some reason it seems to me like Kellie LaPlegua is playing the goth chick of my dreams in this lovely GothicSluts photoset. It’s not the high, many buckled boots or the patent leather corset, bra or hot pants that makes her so hot to me. It’s not even her perfect body, which she shows off to great advantage here, or her inventive tattoos and hot piercings. All of it helps, but it’s her sneer that really does it for me.

Kellie LaPlegua Fetish

Maddy is one super hot, totally dirty 19 year old slut who is just starting to build her sexy tattoo collection. We shoot her getting her pussy off with a 12 inch clear dildo and then video her getting INK AND PINK tattooed on her neck. This chick is fucking crazy but thats what we love about her. This pink was definitely worth the ink. Download the full videos and hi-res photo sets now! Click Here For More!

Candy is a nasty MILF who didnt have the money to get a tattoo of her sons baby feet on her left hip. When the opportunity came up to spread some pink for her new ink, she jumped at the chance. Candy takes a fat blue dildo and works it up inside her dirty pussy. After banging her mommy box real good for our cameras its off to the tattoo shop to endure the pain of the needle. Ink And Pink is hardcore tattoo reality at its best. Get Candys and all the other Ink And Pink babe videos instantly plus 20 hardcore XXX sites and 1000s of hours of bonus porn videos all with one password! Click Here For More!

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