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Apparently everyone at Blue Blood Secret World Headquarters Global has ordered their flowers and hidden away their boxes of chocolate and bloody hearts. The ancient Romans celebrated Lupercalia on the Ides of February by whipping hot girls with portions of sacrificed goat. In this over-the-top GothicSluts set, Amelia G and Forrest Black shot a professional piercer, the lovely purple-tressed Natalie Addams, cutting out her own heart, gift-boxing it, and sewing up the “wound” with quite genuine play piercings. The Cadbury chocolate boxes of the mid-1800’s were made with velvet and mirrors. So what could say Happy Blue Blood-style Valentines Day like a bloody heart in a spooky ornate gift box! Blue Blood is traditional like that.

Amelia G also wrote an article about the origins of Valentines Day and Lupercalia. Amongst the fascinating factoids she unearthed about the holiday, she slipped in one of her most important Blue Blood manifesto points writing, “One of the most important messages I would like people to internalize from Blue Blood is that having purple hair or a tattoo or a pervy wardrobe in no way makes a person a second class citizen. You are entitled to the rewards of the larger society. You are entitled to the same love as anyone, whether or not your sex is a bit kinkier than average . . . There is no rule that thinking for yourself, owning your sexuality, and dressing flamboyantly equals eschewing all sentimentality and always feeling alone on Valentines Day.”

Natalie Addams Bloody Valentines Day

I’ve been a yoga freak for a few years now and while I’ll never be a master, it is something that I enjoy on a fairly regular basis. I also enjoy seeing other things that remind me of yoga and that’s what made me enjoy this BarelyEvil set so much. The lovely Voltaire on and around a chair with a grace worthy of any yogi and hotness that the best of dancers would envy. I was on the edge of my seat to see what would come next. Would she take off part of her already little outfit or would she contort herself into another graceful pose?

Some sets really make me wish I could reach through the screen and see if the outfit is really as soft as it looks. Morrigan Hel’s satiny red corset set on GothicSluts is one of those sets. It shines in the light looking soft and touchable as it encases and molds her tiny waist and ample breasts. Long stockings attach to garters at the bottom which making me wish that she needed some help to get out of her outfit because I would most certainly volunteer to be her personal dresser.

Like the figure out of a painting the statuesque Raven Sutherland reclines back on a velvety cushion looking serene as if waiting to be fed grapes. The serenity doesn’t last for long though in this steamy BarelyEvil set. She quickly moves into action showing just how down and dirty this seductive lady can get with her clear glass toy and this set got so hot I had sweat pouring down my face just looking at it.

Maybe I would have gone to the prom if there’d been as hot a girl as Scar13 to get me into trouble there. Showing off her new short hair and an unbelievable ball gown in a special Valentine’s Day set with beautiful photography by Alan Amato, Scar gives herself some roses and does some very dirty things with them.

Sexy altporn adult star Zoe Matthews makes another hot appearance on Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil. This time she’s looking gorgeous by the pool in sunny Southern California. I love her ability to look both sweet and obscene at the same time, looking up at you with those pretty doe eyes while she’s fucking herself well with a rather large glass sex toy. The combo of the transparent toy and the clear blue water over her perfectly shaved little pussy makes for some really memorable and exciting shots in this amazing photo set. Zoe has the most beautiful ass too.

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