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We have a smoking hot babe with braces smoking for you. This is a lovely video,not hardcore, but sensuous. The babe is in her bedroom with the long ciggie wedged between her even longer fingers. Quite seductively she takes the cigarette between her lips and lights it. She blows out the smoke like a professional smoker and looks quite stoned actually. A very erotic video, if you ask me. And as the cigarette goes on diminishing, the babe keeps getting hornier. If braces turn you on, or if ladies smoking cigarettes in the buff turn you on, this video is just right for you. Go watch it now.
Mistress Redd invited the documentarians of over to her house to document her life with her slave Scarlett. They started off as friends in highschool, both realizing they were bisexual, and Scarlett eventually admitting she had a wild foot fetish. It started quaintly with Scarlett being allowed to suck and worship Redds feet at slumber parties, and grew into her being her foot slave. Eventually it grew even beyond that and Scarlett became a full time 247 DS slave to Mistress Redd.
Collared and leashed, tied up and forced to worship her Mistress feet while she watches T.V.Scarlett is as happy as anyone could ever be. Kneeling in worship of her Goddess is the only place she ever wants to be. The ropes, collar and leash are not what keep her firmly planted at the feet of Mistress Redd. It is her devout love of her Goddess that keeps her faithful and servile.
We were just talking about the various uses of Spandex, and that led to an argument about how much addition does spandex does to the sex quotient of a buxom, beautiful teen. And since we do not believe in sleeping until we get definite proof, we got it, in the form of this out-of-the-world photo gallery. Once again, accept that black spandex on fair skin is something that only people of a greater God get to experience. This gallery is another proof that beauty and sensuality indeed sleep in the same bed. Feel free to browse through the gallery, ogle at this beautifully bootylicious body enjoy! All galleries are high quality and can be zoomed in.
For all you kink lovers out there, this is pure heaven. We held a babe captive for a day and this is what she did. We actually made her sit like a frog and tied her hands and feet together with white rope. Of course, she was stark naked. After having an eyeful of her boobs and her cunt, we let her be. We took a lot of pics too, and kept the automatic camera on. We gave her pudding pie for dinner. But, instead of eating it, she plopped the entire pudding pie on her head. That was her fetish! You can see the pudding pie dripping from her hair onto her cunt! Its hot, hot, hot! Of course, we finally licked all the pudding pie clean with our tongues. But thats another story!
What can one do with a tissue paper? Well, a lot of things, actually. How about using it for a very exciting pussy-striptease? Celeste, our reigning Tissue Queen tries that out in a slightly different way in this picture gallery. She is dressed in a mesmerizing red dress that makes her absolutely ravishing. The gorgeous babe then begins her little striptease act. She begins with a little bit of ass shaking and then gets on to peeling off one piece of her garment after another. This one is a real visual treat. Watch Celeste then delectably place one bit of tissue after the other on her beautiful organs. You just can see a little bit of those little bumps under the wet tissue paper. If this isn’t sexy, what is!
You will love this gallery, we loved setting it up and shooting it. We had one of our best teen babes dress in a superwoman panty. We chose a short blue panty with a red lining on its edges. Now that’s superwoman color, isn’t it? The chick is quite athletic. We had her put on her sneakers and boxing gloves and give some real kickass shots. She has a fetish with sporty men and women anyways, so she was indeed game for the whole thing. Who wants the Fantastic Four, this babe is the real Fantastic One! Look at her all decked up like a real super dame and giving hot action shots to keep your pulse racing. You can never get enough of this collection!

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