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Eris Master decided to get a cab, and go for a little drive to a warehouse that he owned in the area. Apparently he had come back into town to meet with the managers of it or something. Anyway, upon entering the warehouse the first thing to catch his attention was the big forklift. It became fairly obvious what his intentions were! Keep humiliating Eris in front of the camera she had initially contacted to document her life as a Mistress! Ouch!
He suspended her from the forklift, raising it up noisily you could see fear in her eyes, but also a supreme sense of calm, safety, happiness, and servitude. This is who Eris really is.
Her Master cruelly dangles the keys to the lock that bind her arms behind her back in front of her nose. He strokes her cheek lovingly while forcing her to look at the key to her submission. Dangling there he pulls down her shirt, to show to the world that she is nothing but airheaded flesh.

This was one of the akwardest first moments of a day of documentary I had ever encountered. It was the first time I was invited over to meet Ursela and Marcy. I had previously met Ursela once, but never her slave Marcy. When I had arrived it was immediately evident that Marcy had not been made aware of my presence or what my intentions were! Luckily she was tied down to the table, but Ursela asked me to turn off the camera anyway while they had their little debate. Being the sneaky documentarian that I am, I put the camera down but did not turn it off! I caught a little of the argument that ensued, until Ursela noticed the red light on my camera still flashing ya, she then really made me turn it off!
We came back of course, and Ursela only let me turn the camera back on when she had marcy tied up like a foot stool.she thought itd be humiliating and funny for the members, to have it cut at an argument then come back with Marcy tied up as a foot stool.
For all lovers of crimson lingerie, this is one fantastic gallery. We have this damn hot babe cavorting in every which way on her bed. She is putting up this chilly willy outfit which sure does a lot of justice to her exquisitely sexy body. The lass just can’t get enough of the poses, she gives some marvelous shots of her ass and her cleavage, which should certainly get some prize if there is. The best part is when she begins groping her little red crotch and twirls it this way and that so that we get a generous shot of pussy in red panties! Hey, it’s a shaved pussy too! Come and get a better look. You sure must never have seen anything more red hot than this!
Being totally nude is one thing, and being just barely nude is another. While the in your face approach looks good most times, it is also a great idea to get teased and tantalized by ladies who are not totally nude, but right on the way. Lexa is such a babe; she knows how to tease her fans in the right amount. In this particular gallery, she begins with a devilishly sumptuous black bikini, and then peels it off and covers her breasts and pussy with tissue paper. Tissue paper! And then she gets it wet. Just imagine what you could barely see through under all that wet tissue. This is really a wonderful fetish gallery for all those who love sophisticated erotica.
A length of rope can be quite erotic. This gallery is about a rookie babe that was put by us in total abandonment and then tied up in black robe. She was kept in her room, totally naked, spare the rope and a gasmask on her. After taking some candid shots of her in the room, we let her out. The rookie went to our fuel cell where men were working down below. She stayed afar and strolled around a bit, in the rope and gasmask outfit we so generously gave her. Check out her photos in that attire, within her room and out at the fuel cell premises.
The color red is considered as a symbol of danger, but it just changed with Zee deciding to give the color and new hue – sexy! Watch Zee take pole dancing to a next level, as her supple curves make love to that hard, stiff pole. Zee once again proves the eternal truth of kink spandex looks good when it’s peeled off, rather than it being worn! So feel free to ogle through this flesh dex gallery as Zee goes the full road from sexy clothed to naked all for your eyes only. All the classic poses, all the beauty of kink are right here. And maybe even you will feel jealous of the pole, just like we did!
Hellizabeth is one of the favorite characters from because she was our first switch that we ever got to document. We first met her as a Mistress, then the next time she invited us along on one of her forays, she was a slave. In this particular instance, I had asked her for an interview I love knowing the nitty gritty details of these lives just as much as our members do.She happily obliged, but halfway through my first question,her MSN sounded off. It was a certain Goddess Rosalie saying she was on her way over.
Hellizabeth asked me to turn off the camera, as Goddess Rosalie did not know that she was documenting her life. When Goddess Rosalie came over, she graciously allowed me to turn on the camera again and how thankful was I for that! Her shoes and feet are absolutely to die for.I realized why Hellizabeth chose kneel in worship at the feet of Goddess Rosalie! Who wouldnt.
These two lesbian teens are having the time of their lives in this picture gallery. They get naked and get quite close! There’s one of them with braces in her mouth, and the other one suddenly gets a very kinky idea. She has a vibrator which she puts in the braces babe’s mouth. And she puts the vibrator on! This is a lovely sight,you can see her braces tinkling due to the vibrator. She moans and groans and the vibrator whirrs in her mouth. Lovely kink stuff, and the babes are sure having a great time experimenting with each other.
We think Lola is wearing her daddy’s tee shirt in this one. It is just way too long, but her shorts are so very tiny that you can barely make them out under that huge tee. We have always loved Lola for the things she can do with her body during a shoot, and you can really see her out in her full glory in this picture gallery. Soon enough she is out of that tee and those white shorts to reveal the most delicious golden yellow panties beneath. Lola then launches herself into a bit of tissue fetish. And she can really do it well. She knows how to plaster those little bits of tissue in the right places on her body so that she teases just as much as she reveals.
This is gothic ornament fetish at its best. We had a spindly legged woman dress up in fishnet stockings that came up to her ass and put only a black chain with a black cross ornament on it. She is a brunette, and the color combination looks very sultry on her. We had her inside the whitest white of bathrooms and let her pose for us. She gave some real happening bending over shots at the start, which brought out her curves fantastically. And then she began playing with the gothic symbol on her neck. Look at her teasing the ornament very gently and teasingly with her tongue. You will really want that tongue to do several more wicked things on you. Keep watching this gallery. It only gets hotter and hotter in here.

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