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Sometimes you just get two awesome things which go awesome together. So you get awesome Wii Fit played naked by EroticBPM’s awesome Candace and it is just doubly awesome or awesome squared or some other appropriately techy kind of super awesome. Candace has a pretty hot toned body too, so maybe she should be a Wii Fit fitness consultant or spokesmodel or something.

Eroticbpm Candace Wii Fit Hot Body Sexy

EroticBPM started out as RaverPorn, so it has been really great seeing them really returning to their electronica beats per minute roots with sets like this one of Lucky. Lucky has all the best colorful accessories and I want her bracelets. Do you call it a bracelet so long as it goes around your arm or only if it goes around the wrist? Plus she has cupcake pink hair if I’m not mistaken. Lucky indeed.

Eroticbpm Sexy Naked Raver Girls

EroticBPM’s desert set of cute little hard-bodied Skyetastic makes me feel like spring must be on the way. Cause it is getting hot in here.

Eroticbpm Sexy Naked Raver Girls skyetastic

In this BarelyEvil set, Szandora demonstrates the correct way to prep for the Rites of Easter. Is that right? In springtime, when my heart turns to thoughts of love, I always confuse Ishtar and Easter and devil worship demon summoning.

barelyevil szandora pentagram easter pagan

Bisexual Brazilian Ruby really knows how to take a bite out of a carrot in this dangerous Easter set from EroticBPM! Sexy dangerous tattooed hotness.

Eroticbpm Sexy Naked Raver Girls

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