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Goth hottie Zoe already wowed me with some black velvet, but in this Amelia G & Forrest Black GothicSluts shoot, she shows she can do California Gothic, too — to the tune of a zebra bikini top and black lace wrap as she lounges poolside, at least until she loses the top. Oh, did I mention she has pigtails? Mmmm, pigtails.

Zoe Wets her Pretty Little Feet

Two of the most gorgeous chicks in the Blue Blood ouveure are, of course, Scar and Szandora. In this set shot by Forrest Black & Amelia G, the two chicks frolic together in Vegas in a classy hotel suite — almost as classy as these two dames. Scar has an amazing spider-and-web combo drawn on her face, and the two girls’ beauty goes together perfectly — and more importantly, they’re quite plainly having a great time.

Naked Gothic Babes Szandora and Scar

I can vouch for the fact that gorgeous fetish freak Julie Simone genuinely loves hoods and smoking; in this Lori Mann Rubber Dollies shoot, she looks glorious in a skintight shiny rubber number, lace-up thigh-high fuck-me boots and a tight, shiny corset; the perversity of her hidden identity is matched only by the beauty of her body appropriately wreathed in smoke. I like to wonder what she was doing that got her so worked up she needed to take a smoke break — and what she’s going to go back to doing once she’s slurped down that smoky fag.

Pervy Smoking Fetish Dominatrix Julie Simone

Lydia Lashes glorious white and red rubber bikini number here is the perfect compliment to her raven hair, perfect body and gorgeous face in this Amelia G & Forrest Black RubberDolllies shoot. A body like that doesn’t need compliments, though, so even better when the bikini comes off.

Rubber Kink and Foot Fetish

Call it shameless merchandising if you must, but seeing tattooed, busty and neon-haired Xanthia Doll assaulted by a pile of Blue Blood teddy bears just kinda warms the cockles of my heart. Guess I’m an old softie.

Xanthia Doll

I’m not too familiar with fetish model Natalie Addams; the purple haired, bespectacled pierced-and-inked beauty has a bit of the dirty librarian thing going on with her horn-rimmed glasses and wicked smirk, but I don’t think any librarian’s ever said “Shhhhhh!” while wearing the blue and black rubber halter dress Natalie sports here. Though if they did, I think my reading habits would definitely improve, especially if libraries had cool industrial design like the set here. This RubberDollies pictorial by Amelia G and Forrest Black puts a finger across my lips in the most sensuous possible way, and once she gets stark naked, it’s more tasty than ever.

Sexy Fetish Gothic Domination from Natalie Addams

The Blue Blood posse appears to be very into the Repeal Day holiday for being about freedom. Also about drinking. Repeal Day commemorates the anniversary of the date when the 21st Amendment repealed Prohibition on December 5, 1933 and Americans were permitted to legally drink alcohol again.

To celebrate the occasion, Amelia G and Forrest Black photographed long-time model Rachel Face on location at the Plan B bar (and delicious bacon dog emporium) in Portland, Oregon, USA. This BarelyEvil set has it all, including extravagant tattoos, memorable hair, well-placed piercings, sex appeal, beautiful model, and just being really naughty. I love girls who dance on the bar. I really really really love girls with mohawks who dance on the bar.

Rachel Face Repeal Day photographed by Amelia G and Forrest Black

In the members area of Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil, Amelia G writes, “Nothing says party like balloons on a hot naked tattooed girl. Well, maybe other things say party like that, but balloons on a hot naked tattooed girl are still very festive. I felt this celebratory set Forrest Black and I shot of Voltaire would be just the thing to ring in the New Year. May you all have a fabulous 2009.” Fine sentiments we can all get behind. Voltaire using a survival knife to slowly pop the balloons covering her tattooed torso is pretty sweet too!

Voltaire Blue NYE photographed by Amelia G and Forrest Black

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