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Tats and pigtails — two great tastes that taste great together. I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing them on Zoe, a yummy model whose acquaintance I’m particularly glad to make when she strips off her sexy black dress and shows off for the camera.

Gothic Tattoo Model Zoe

Xanthia is one of the most beautiful models around, with a deliciously curvy body, flame red hair, cool tats and ample boobs that just beg to be flaunted. In this hot Lori Mann GothicSluts update, yummy Xanthia starts out in ’50s style, sitting in front of her vanity with her hair in curlers. She’s preparing for her day — or evening — which apparently includes slowly wriggling out of her tiny little skirt and peeling her pink top off those absolutely irresistible tits of hers. By the end of the set, it’s clear that her day — or is that evening? — is going to be veerrrrrry interesting.

Xanthia Doll Getting Dressed

Natalie Addams lives up to her wonderfully spooky name in this dark GothicSluts set, shot by Matthew Cooke. Natalie Addams is so sensual and lovely. Seeing this purple-tressed pale-fleshed beauty writhe around, delectably caught in these cobwebs, makes me wish I were a spider. Happy Halloween!

Natalie Addams Spiderwebs

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