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You’ll love the gorgeous yellow and black outfit Madeleine Sophie’s wearing in this brightly-colored Amelia G & Forrest black RubberDollies set, but I doubt you’ll complain when she strips it off and shows you everything — her glorious body with its hot tattoos and a yummy piercing or two.

Naked Fetish DJ in Bright Latex

There is something dirty and sexy about a naked girl with a cigarette — doubly so if that girl is the princess of the smoking fetish, Smoking Mary Jane. This Amelia G & Forrest Black GothicSluts set has Mary Jane stripping off her fur coat and enjoying a cig on a rooftop with the Hollywood sign in the background — could anything be more perfect for a starlet who was clearly born to smoke up Tinseltown?

Smoking Mary Jane

Busty and inky redheaded Xanthia Doll looks plenty amazing with her cream-and-black rubber dress, feather headwear and deliciously perverse high heels in this Lori Mann RubberDollies pictorial. But add a mint-green vintage Chevy, and I’m truly in heaven, especially once Xanthia’s lost the gorgeous dress and showing off her even more gorgeous body. A classic car like that really deserves a naked beauty rubbing up against its seats.

Even Tattooed Kinky Girls Need a Ride Sometimes

I’ll admit it, every time I walk into a hotel room my mind automatically assesses its possibilities for BarelyEvil bondage and other pervy purveyances. Apparently so do Amelia G and Forrest Black’s, judging by their sumptuous shoot of breathtaking Lydia Lashes taken during one of their trips to Vegas. Amelia broke out the ropes, tied Lydia spread on her back on the coffee table, fired up the camera — and everybody’s happy.

Bondage Doll Lydia Lashes

If you are a sci fi fan, you’ll love this cyberpunky post-apocalyptic death-glam scene shot in Natalie Addams‘ basement, which just happens to be one of LA’s first trolley stops, now a blasted-out rubble-strewn sex playground for pervy hot GothicSluts chicks with purple hair, leather collar, ripped-up stockings and knee-high boots. Natalie’s perfect body’s enough to ease any apocalypse.

Gothic Natalie Addams

Perhaps on viewing this RubberDollies assortment by Lori Mann of hot fetishist Julie Simone in a kinky rubber nurse uniform, your mind runs along similar lines to mine? what exactly is a pervy latex nurse doing with those pliers? You’d be better to ask what the famously perverse Julie going to do with them — ? You’ll find out here, and it includes some dirty things indeed.

Crazy Rubber Nurse Julie Simone

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