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In this GothicSluts update, instead of decorating the tree, they’ve decorated Szandora. She has red and green rubber accessories and sparkling candy canes with silver mistletoe hanging from each nipple piercing. The sort of thing which makes you want to just slightly adjust the lyrics for Oh Tannenbaum:

O Szandora, o Szandora
You can please me very much!
How often has not at Szandoratime
A girl like you given me such joy!
O Szandora, o Szandora,
You can please me very much!

gothicsluts szandora xmas ornament

BarelyEvil celebrates one of the best things about the holidays — the perfect excuse to lick up anything sweet. Sara X looks sweet as candy and so so beautiful in this artistically shot set by Forrest Black and Amelia G.

barelyevil sara x candy

In this GothicSluts update, Kendra James goes beyond gangster moll to plain gangster in her fetish pinstripes corset and skirt. I’m weak for redheads anyway and Kendra is beautiful and super sexy. She doesn’t get that shotgun all the way inside her, but you can’t help being impressed with the kinky way she tries.

gothicsluts kendra james shotgun

Wouldn’t you like to find Szandora gift-wrapped under your tree?! In this BarelyEvil update, she is all tied up, wearing nothing but her antique vintage Virgin Mary pendant. The perfect gift if you like your presents with a bondage flair.

barelyevil szandora rope bondage

Some of the girls on BarelyEvil are tough cookies in the more, err, traditional sense of the expression. Jennique Addams has a little outfit with the cutest gingerbread men all over her tank and boxers, emblazoned with the expression Tough Cookie. I’m sure her cookie is sweet like gingerbread and isn’t this the sort of gingerbread cookie holiday cheer we all want!


I wouldn’t have thought it totally possible, but Jax looks somehow innocent in this GothicSluts update. She takes it all off to show off every inch of her body mods and she does some cool tricks with her split tongue, but something about her big silver-rimmed eyes, matching her silver fetish top . . . well, she just seems almost innocent. Sexy but innocent.


Kitty is what Blue Blood photographer Carlos Batts is wrapping up, secretly in the basement, for the holidays in this RubberDollies update. That’s the kind of gift-wrapping skills I like to see! Kitty is so cute.

rubber dollies kitty dungeon

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