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In this BarelyEvil update, Jax shows off her beautiful backpiece wing tattoo and stomps around in big sexy fetish boots.

barelyevil jax vinyl

In this BarelyEvil update, Kess is suggestively licking Zui‘s thigh and they are just such a cute matched set. Have to love the rich feel of the bedspread they are rolling around together all sexy on too.

barelyevil kess zui bed

Jennique Addams strips off her leopard print lingerie prepping for her shower in this GothicSluts update. You can also see Jennique sudsing up all wet in another set on GothicSluts. Thanks for the gothic mammaries, Jennique.

gothicsluts jennique addams shower breasts

Szandora looks extra flirty and cute and little less intimidating than usual, with pink hair, in this BarelyEvil update. Of course, she is rocking the black and white stripey stockings and those always make me weak at the knees.

barelyevil szandora pink hair black white striped stockings

One of my favorite things about all the Blue Blood sites including GothicSluts is that celebrities important to the scene participate. You could just fall into the beautiful light eyes of Hope from Apocalypse Theatre and I love her tough girl boots and punk hoodie.

gothicsluts hope apox hoodie

Be still my beating heart. A post-apocalyptic tattooed Dana Dark in a slick shiny rubber gasmask with a shotgun is how I want to die. This RubberDollies update is creative and sort of unsettling and really cool.

rubberdollies dana dark gasmask

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