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With all of Marilyn Manson’s disturbing lyrics, it seems somehow appropriate that Charlie is wearing what is apparently an official Marilyn Manson tour jacket in this GothicSluts update. She also appears to be at the top of the slide in a deserted abandoned playground in homage to Marilyn Manson.

gothicsluts charlie marilyn manson

In this RubberDollies, shot by Forrest Black and Amelia G, Lydia Lashes‘ personality just jumps out of the screen. She looks like so much fun with her cute poses, warm smile, pierced tongue, lickably flawless pussy, and perfect tight latex-encased body.

rubberdollies lydia lashes blue latex

Stephy Slaughter is almost painfully beautiful in this BarelyEvil freight elevator set, shot by Amelia G and Forrest Black. Her unicorn jacket is adorable, but she just looks fierce. This is one freight elevator with some damn sexy cargo.


In this GothicSluts update, the extravagantly tattooed Eva Klench is flirty and cute. Somehow she manages to look dangerous and adorable at the same time.

gothicsluts eva klench silver corset

Roxy Contin looks elegant with her parasol in this BarelyEvil update, shot by Forrest Black and Amelia G, but she looks dangerous with a beach ball, once she has stripped off her bikini and put the parasol aside. I especially like the shots of her splashing around in the pool. It looks like good sexy fun. Even if this is one pink-haired punk who makes swimming pool catch look like a combat sport. Only in California, could they shoot outdoors in water this time of year.

barelyevil roxy contin pool

Watching the usually submissive Scar 13 bind and menace the feisty submissive Szandora in this RubberDollies red latex tape bondage update is very very hot. The site muses that maybe only a submissive truly knows what another submissive wants and that just might be true.

rubberdollies szandora scar13 latex tape

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