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In this GothicSluts update, Nicotine shows how to really get maximum value out of her shower. The gothic black lave across her pale breasts makes for a sexy contrast, as the water beats down on her body, in this super erotic series.


BarelyEvil always has the hottest most dangerous bad girls. Here is Rachel Face spread across the countertop at a cool-looking bar called the Jockey Club. I want to lick beer off the part where she was sitting.

barelyevil rachel face jockey club

This Russ Meyer tribute, featuring busty Xanthia and Nikki 666 wrestling in the shadow of the Capitol Records building in Hollywood is just plain inspired. GothicSluts delivers the catfight deliciousness here.

gothicsluts xanthia nikki666

Sexy vixen Julie Simone knows what she is doing behind the camera too. In this GothicSluts update, she captures a dominant yet sensual Samantha Grace. Samantha Grace’s raven locks have just enough bed head that I want to pull her hair.

gothicsluts samantha grace corset

It is tempting to make jokes about Lauren WK keeping jugs of Blue Blood in her RubberDollies refrigerator, but the main thing which comes to my mind is what incredible bedroom eyes Lauren has. From her delicate ink to her languorously sensual lean into the cool air, Lauren is one erotic blonde.

rubberdollies laurenwk refrigerator

This BarelyEvil update suggests that, if Satan had cheerleaders, they would have adorable smiles like sexy Nina Sin. From her tight busty body to her extensive tattoos to the gold piercings in all her naughty bits, Nina Sin is certainly who I would pick to lead my cheers, if I were the devil.

barelyevil ninasin satan cheerleader

Jax is so punk and sexy already with her tattoos and her piercings and her split tongue and her red mohawk. It just makes it that much cooler that she can throw the bird with a toy inside her too, as evidenced by this BarelyEvil update.

barelyevil jax punk bird

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