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Nicotine is always one sexy good-looking goth girl. In this EroticFandom update, this steampunk vixen ups the ante by pulling out a little death ray raygun. Of course, she uses it for naughtiness. Nicotine is ridiculously evocative and hot in this science fiction themed series.

eroticfandom nicotine steampunk raygun erotic fandom steam punk

Everybody loves a hot gamer girl. In this EroticBPM update, JadeRox shows off her video gaming skillz and then, natch, fucks the Wii controller. Sexy JadeRox also participates in the free weekly Saturday cam shows for Erotic BPM members, included free with every membership.

eroticbpm jaderox wii gamer girl erotic

In this BarelyEvil update, Fedora has a very old skool punk feel about her. Her contortionist antics show off her everything to very sexy effect. Her soft mohawk and tattoos have an almost nostalgic beauty to them.

barelyevil fedora red hat punk tattoo

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