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Scar 13 sparkles in this GothicSluts shoot. A little shiny black outfit, which exposes more than it conceals. Classic gothic beauty and rhinestones. And Scar 13 naked naked naked.

gothicsluts scar sparkletop

In this EroticFandom, Kellie LaPlegua looks spooky and gorgeous, stripping off the newest leather couture from AMF. Kellie begins the shoot in a very exotic fetish butcher apron, then adds the extreme kink tongues mask, finally ending up nude in the garden. Like Eve, only way kinkier and hotter.

erotic fandom kellie laplegua tongues

There is remarkable deathrock artistry in this BlueBlood update, lensed by Amelia G and Forrest Black. If you ever watched the Christina Aguilera video for beautiful and wanted to see the deathrocker from it having sex, this is your chance. This is announced as being the first of multiple updates featuring Secret Sin and TJ Van Shock. Yummy!

blueblood secret sin tj van shock deathrock

Sometimes a little bit of clothing is more naked than naked. The patent leather strap harness gorgeous deathrock pinup Razor Candi is wearing in this BarelyEvil update, ably demonstrates this fact of life. The shiny black ribbons accentuate and frame Razor Candi‘s perfectly formed breasts, impossibly tiny waist, and slickly bald pussy, like the works of art they are. Very very erotic works of human art.

barelyevil razorcandi razor candi straps

This sexy EroticBPM update introduces the very colorful Krysta Kaos. This girl is easy on the eyes. From her beautiful multicolored hair to here beautiful multicolored tattoos to her beautiful multicolored toenails, Krysta Kaos is a babe. This update has an almost self-shot intimacy to it, so you feel like you are right there in bed with this gorgeous creature.

eroticbpm krysta kaos erotic tattoo

Have to love the old school deathrock tattoo fetish vibe of this BlueBlood update featuring Chachie and Ducky Von Ghoulie from the Fuzzbats getting it on. From behind, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and oral, these two have hot chemistry and approach their sex with a delicious punk rock enthusiasm.

blueblood ducky chachie deathrock

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