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When God (or whomever) made Xanthia, he broke the mold, which is a good thing, because if all dames had curves like this stacked, sexy sweetheart, all men (and most women) would go down hard on the sidewalk, tongues wrapped around our ankles. Here, she’s poured into a skintight red rubber skirt and see-through black lace top, which makes it all the more delicious when she decides to feel herself up, planting her hands on those glorious tits much as I — and, I’m betting you — might like to do given the right circumstances. Check out RubberDollies for lots more.

Rubber twins

Latex and fetish and rubber dream with two powerful and dark girl.
If you want to meet them do not hesitate just visit them.
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I don’t even know where to start with Nikki Vega — she’s a tattooed and pierced bottle-blonde with what just may be the most outrageously perfect set of tits that’ve ever driven me to distraction — and a booty to match. Add to that a spunky tude and a droolworthy red and black rubber outfit with garters and fishnet stockings, and… yes, yes in fact that is my tongue you just tripped over; want to make something of it? All hail Nikki Vega, her eminently kissable lips, and every dangerous curve on her dangerous, dangerous body.

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